Factory Maintenance Intervals

1998 - Present
Ducati recommends valve inspection and adjustment (if needed) every 10,000 Km (6,000 mi). Our testing proved this interval will extend up to 3 times; 30,000Km (18,000 miles)

Military-Spec billet steel alloys
This material was chosen by our consulting metallurgist for its ability to overcome shock and for its compatibility with the closing shim.

Manufacturing Processes:
CADD design translated to CNC machining. Our sub-contractor specializes in aerospace components for all leading manufacturers worldwide.

Heat Treated
Utilizing the latest technology in vacuum furnace heat treatment.

Racing Application
Because of the design, these collets are compatible with all titanium and stainless valves. This is not achievable with stock half-rings.

Quality Control
Each collet is individually inspected using a comparator and all processes are certified to aerospace standards.