Installation 2 V

Due to race team and customer feed back, we are now pleased to announce the new generation 2V collets.

By making a small modification to the existing design now our collets can be used with any type of return shims (radius or straight). No need to modify the return shim - just install the MBP Collets and adjust the clearance required and VOILA!

Installation 4 V

Only a small modification is needed to the opening shims; easily performed with the tooling.

Vee-Two Australia was contracted to manufacture an already modified shim kit to our strict standards (better quality at a fraction of the price of original shims)


Due to the complexity of the desmodromic system; valve adjustments should be done only by a qualified mechanic or a experienced enthusiast.

Other maintenances is required (Oil change, Belt adjustment/change. Etc…) and should be done as per Ducati maintenance schedule.